Which Menstrual Cup Size Should I Choose?

Which Menstrual Cup Size Should I Choose

Let’s start with a big “Whoop Whoop!” to you for choosing a menstrual cup and to have your best period yet. You are nearly at your goal of hassle-free and affordable periods that have virtually no environmental impact. You go, girl!

Are you feeling daunted with menstrual cup size? Choosing the right menstrual cup size is important as one that doesn’t fit just won’t cut it.

I am going to share some seriously good guidance on choosing a menstrual cup that actually fits you. I wish I’d known this when I bought my first cup.

How do you know what menstrual cup size to buy?

Choosing a menstrual cup size based your age and whether you have had babies is a good start. It isn’t fool-proof as a large cup in one brand could be small in another. It isn’t standardised sizing.

Instead of crazy guesswork let us get scientific on choosing your menstrual cup size. This will ensure you experience a short learning curve, a great fit (with no leaking) and well-spent money.

To choose your menstrual cup size we are going to use the height of your cervix or, said another way, the length of your vaginal canal. Less importantly, the heaviness of your flow and your pelvic floor strength.

Height of your cervix for menstrual cup size

Most importantly, let us focus on the height of your cervix. All I can say is that this is a highly intimate exercise. Even more, so that it is best conducted during the first few days of your period.

With clean hands insert your longest finger into your vagina to feel for your cervix, it will probably feel like soft lips or like the tip of your nose.

Be open to the possibility that your cervix might not be at the end of your vagina but could be on one side or a bit lower. Note or mark how far your finger went in and use a ruler to measure. The height of your cervix is the length of the menstrual cup size that you require.

Size A Fun Cup is for a cervical height of 5cm upwards and the size B cup is suitable for a longer vaginal canal at 5,5cm to 5,8cm.

Flow considerations for menstrual cup size

The required capacity of your cup depends on your flow. If you experience a heavy or very heavy flow then the larger capacity cup, the size B is ideal as it can hold up to 6 times as much as a tampon.

When full the Size B cup will still be comfortable and you shouldn’t feel it because of its shape and soft sides.

Size A would be ideal for those of us who have a light to regular flow. A cup holds 4 times as much as a tampon.

If your flow fluctuates greatly during your cycle then swapping out between a size A and B could be the best solution for you – The Fun Cups Explore Kit.

Remember though that a period cup holds way more flow than a tampon so this isn’t as big a deal as the height of your cervix.

Pelvic floor strength for menstrual cup size

The last consideration is your pelvic floor strength, if your pelvic floor muscles are crazy strong or very weak then a stiffer cup like size A would be more suitable. A softer cup, like size B, is ideal for everything in between.

Which menstrual cup is best for beginners?

Fun Factory Fun Cups come in a convenient Explore Kit with two different sizes to try out. A cup is firmer, shorter and smaller than B. Both are made from premium medical-grade silicone meaning that reactions and irritations are less likely.

In addition, Fun Cups are anatomically shaped for complete comfort with no pointy bits to poke into you and no pressure on your bladder.

If you know exactly what cup will suit and fit you then go right ahead and buy. Both cups come in single or twin packs. However, if you are unsure or want to try them both out then buy the Explore Kit.

The advantage of buying the Fun Cup Explore Kit is that you can change your cup depending on your flow. If you chose a twin pack of size A or B then you will never be caught out again as you can have one cup at home and one for the road.

I am so excited for you to experience your best period yet and I hope I have answered the question ‘how do you know what size menstrual cup to buy?’.

Share your thoughts with me especially if I can help you further.



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