Sex Toys are Allies, not Competitors

Sex Toys are Allies Not Competitors

There is only one thing better than a pleasure product in solo play and that’s a sex toy shared between lovers, a duet if you will.

The challenge with sex toys for couples in a heterosexual relationship is that often guys feel emasculated by sex toys. Studies have shown that over 80% of womxn need something more than just penetration to orgasm sex toys for couples can be that game-changer in the bedroom.

Whether you are into sex toys to get your rocks off or to add some spice to your relationship it can be a daunting conversation to have with your lover. It is worthwhile to note that when you can share your needs openly with your lover you move towards a more fulfilling and fun sex life.

So what can you do if your lover is feeling threatened by sex toys? Helping your lover to not see them as a competitor to their natural talents and abilities will help them ‘get open to it’ by starting up the conversation around sex toys for couples being an ally. Some sex toys like bullet vibrators are so petite after all.

According to Bustle, a digital destination for young women, research studies have confirmed time and time again that womxn in same-sex relationships have more orgasms than womxn in straight relationships. This further highlights the space that exists for men in the sexual satisfaction of womxn – this isn’t a weakness but rather an opportunity to explore.

It is totally hot to see your partner in sexual ecstasy and we know if you had to ask your man if he would like you to orgasm more often, no doubt he would reply “yes, yes please”.

When you convince your lover to try sex toys even just once, we are pretty sure they’ll be hooked – to see your face immersed in pleasure and your body riding in delight will be a deal-seal.

Easing your lover’s concerns and fears by guiding them on how to use sex toys for couples to bring you to your maximum pleasure is a delightful adventure. Use encouraging words to cheer them on and then enjoy the orgasms (hopefully multiple ones) before you return the favour. Or be extra kind and let them have the first turn.

Pleasure products can stimulate you in a way that naturally you couldn’t achieve. That is perfectly wonderful as experiencing sexual pleasure heightens your ability to feel sexual pleasure and gives you deep-seated inner confidence. That’s super-hot!

The opportunity to orgasm together with your lover is pretty priceless, and this double orgasm is a great turn-on. As always thank us later – it’s our pleasure!

P.S Just a little tip on using sex toys on a penis (for those with penis-partners). Vibrations from bullets (like this one), G-spot stimulators (like this one) and rabbit vibrators (like this one) feel amazing when you trace over the testes and perineum and move up the shaft. Circle the head of the penis to thrill and move in slow motion to tease. During penetration hold the sex toy up against your clitoris for a dual-stimulation orgasm.

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