Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrators are a life-defining pathway to seduce your sexual pleasure into a new realm of transcendental bliss.


Boldly venture where you’ve only dreamed to tread with a rabbit vibrator. Get ready to ignite your sexual fantasies with the dual stimulation of clitoral and g-spot pleasure. Expect a journey of wild, full-body orgasms.

Are all rabbit vibrators the same?

Nope they aren’t and they have also evolved over time. The ears have changed to work more synergistically together and then are even versions that stray from the original ears to more of a hood.

It is always worth checking the dimensions of each rabbit as they are designed to meet a particular outcome. If you are looking for a cervix orgasm then go for a longer internal arm to reach up. If you are after fullness then try a girthier rabbit.

Slimline rabbits are great for newCOMers and those who are wanting a less intense experience.

Can I use my rabbit vibrator for anal play?

You sure can! The most important aspect to consider for anal play is a ‘stopper’ that will prevent your pleasure product from continuing a journey from your external up into your internal gut.

With this (charming) thought in mind – yes a rabbit vibrator can be used as the internal arm will act as a lever to halt the bunny’s journey further in.

A rabbit with a head ridge is a sensory pleasure in anal play.