Get the massage oil ready for a sensual massage between lovers

Have you tried sensual massage as foreplay? I'll guide you through it

Giving your lover a sensual massage is one of the hottest, most luxurious and most arousing forms of foreplay. Being intimate with your lover connects you physically, emotionally and mentally along with the obvious turning on that’s involved.

Taking the time to touch, stroke, caress, rub and fondle your lover’s body is an ideal way to move from the stresses of daily life into a more mindful and present headspace, open and ready to connect on a deeper level.

Touch is our first sense to develop in utero and it’s a primal and deeply connecting touch. When we communicate with our lovers in the non-verbal expression of body language we are joining souls and weaving our adoration into them.

The benefits of massage are extensive and include relieving tension and stress. Starting with massage also encourages us to create an atmosphere of warmth with relaxed, dim mood lighting, sensual music and sounds, soft and comfortable surfaces and a decadent massage oil that’s safe for the skin and ideally edible too.

It’s always nice to warm the oil first and to apply it from your hand onto your lover’s body unless of course you are dripping warm soy candle oil onto the body – slowly and ceremoniously.

Glide your hands with firm pressure in long and slow movements along your lover’s body feeling every curve of their body. If you can scoop yourself down, do it, so they can feel the warmth of your breath.

As your hands linger over their body subtly and with consent move from massage to being more sensual and then erotic in nature. To create the tension and extend the suspense resist the desire to enter into penetration by using your imagination to try a whole other realm of pleasure.

You can thank me later