What’s the big deal with strong pelvic floor muscles? Stronger and more intense orgasms and not leaking when you sneeze, cough or laugh. I’m sold!

Kegel Balls - frequently asked questions

How to do Kegel exercises

  1. Begin by emptying your bladder. Then you can lie down, sit or stand. Lying down with your knees slightly apart is probably the easiest introduction to Kegels.
  2. I like to take a few deep breaths to become mindful.
  3. Imagine you are about to pass wind and try to stop it. This tightens your pelvic floor muscles around your anus.
  4. Extend this muscle contraction forward by tightening the muscles around your vagina. As if trying to stop a wee in mid-stream.
  5. Hold your muscles for 3 seconds. While holding, try and lift the muscles towards your belly button.
  6. Relax for 3 seconds and try again. Try doing 10 repetitions in 3 sets spread over the day.
  7. Work upwards. Every day add on an extra second of contracting and relaxing until you reach 10 seconds.

Then, how do you know if you are doing Kegels right?

When you do Kegels correctly only the pelvic floor muscles will contract. If you are contracting your stomach muscles, gluts or inner thighs you are overdoing it.

Using Kegel balls is a good way to know that your exercises are effective. When you do them correctly the balls will remain inside the vagina.

So, how long does it take for Kegels to work?

Everyone responds differently to muscle strengthening. Some might notice an improvement in 3 to 6 weeks while it might be months in others. Some might find that they prevent their condition from deteriorating.

What happens if you do Kegels wrong?

You might feel pain in the overworked muscles of the stomach, lower back, gluts or things. If you overwork your pelvic floor muscles they might not be able to perform their duties correctly. As with any exercises start slow, if you aren’t sure speak to your GP and listen to your body.

Don’t overdo Kegels as tight pelvic floor muscles can also lead to issues and discomfort so work up to your 30 reps a day and then keep that up.

What is the best position for Kegel exercises?

The easiest position to start in is lying down but once you have isolated the muscles and practiced doing Kegels then you can sit, stand or lie down.

Feel welcome to contact me should you need to know anything else.