Je Joue Ami Progressive Kegel Balls



Je Joue Ami Progressive Kegel Balls


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Are you interested in minimum work and maximum gain? Then the Je Joue Ami Kegel balls are just the thing for you – referred to as the resourceful girls’ Kegel balls as they are optimally shaped to get your pelvic floor muscles to naturally contract to keep them inside. I highly recommend the Rolls Royce of vagina awakenings – Je Joue Ami the most ‘comprehensive 3 step silicone Kegel system’.

• I have it on good authority that a set is bought every 15 minutes
• Suitable for beginners to advanced
• Comes with an informative user manual complete with exercises

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What makes the Je Joue Ami Kegel Balls so special?

Each Ami ball has little balls inside that rumble around inside you for a discreet and arousing sensation. Kegel balls lead to additional delight during your “exercises” and stronger orgasms during play. Do we hear you say “a pleasurable workout please do tell more”?

The hype is all about the three progressive weights of Je Joue Ami Kegel. This makes it the most comprehensive Kegel exercise set on the market and most likely the only one you will ever need. When you begin training, start with the soft, single weight and work through to the intermediate double balls. Once you have mastered those go on to the hard and heavy advanced double balls.

Each Je Joue Ami Kegel is designed with soft, velvety smooth silicone that is body-safe. The ergonomic retrieval loops make for easy removal. Before and after use, either wash the balls in warm soapy water or spritz with a sex toy cleaner like this one. For a smooth insertion apply a dollop of water-based lube, like this one, on the ball and on the opening to the vagina. Gently guide the ball inside.

Once inside your vagina, you can contract your muscles around the ball to hold it in place. A good beginner exercise is to contract your muscles for 5 seconds and relax for 5 seconds. Start gently so you don’t strain your vagina muscles. Begin wearing the balls at home for short bouts of time. Build up to wearing the balls for a good few hours at a time before going out and about on errands wearing them.

A fun thing to do when your pelvic floor muscles are strong is to contract around the shaft of a penis, dildo or dong during penetrative sex for a wild sensation. We got you, girl!

Additional information


47g, 78g, 106g




100% Body Safe, Medical-grade silicone, Vegan




Yes, fully submersible


1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


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3 reviews for Je Joue Ami Progressive Kegel Balls

  1. Mage


    These kegel weights are great quality, beautiful silicone. The range of weight is good. They are comfortable to wear, although the removal cord can be a little irritating. Easy to wash and store. I would highly recommend this set.

    From the Je Joue Website

  2. Lucy


    I recently purchased these after reading an article on them. Package arrived (in a lovely box which was a nice touch) on Monday and i’m really surprised.

    I didn’t think i’d be into them but they are really un-intimidating and i’ve started including them in my daily routine. Haven’t got results yet but am excited as I can feel how the exercise works and how i’d work up to get stronger kegels.

    From the Je Joue Website

  3. Moro


    I’d seen this product in a store and instantly fell in love. The 3 weights are a joy to wear (for more than one reason!). Once inserted, there is no discomfort and they are rather comfortable. (Bonus points ladies if you forget they are there…!) The first weight was too light for me, so I switched to #2 which was a little more challenging; the weights are sized so that #1 and #2 won’t just fall out, which is nice but it’s still a good workout keeping them in place!
    #3 is a little tricksier since it’s slimmer than the other 2 and heavier so you really have to work at keeping it in place. All in all, I’m really happy with my purchase; the toys can be washed with antibacterial hand soap, they’re easy to store in their little box so they won’t get knocked around etc. Take care to clean well around the top though, there is a tiny little ridge so you’ll want to make sure you clean that thoroughly.

    I give this product 5/5; easily the best kegel weights I’ve ever used. 🙂

    From the Je Joue Website

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