How to Use Bullet Vibrators | A Guide to Pleasure

How to use Bullet Vibrators | We-Vibe Tango

How to Use Bullet Vibrators is for you if you aren’t sure where to start to ensure self-pleasure success. Or if you are wondering what is the most unintimidating sex toy to coax a lover to try. For seasoned-bullet users, I also have a trick or two up my sleeve for you too.  

Let’s jump right in, on how to use a bullet vibrator as a little portable pocket rocket that aims to please. The small and mighty bullet is a brilliant introduction to the world of sex toys and is also a sure-fire option for guaranteed orgasms.

Packed full of vibrations to pleasure the most welcoming of erogenous zones – the clitoris, inner thighs and nipples. If you are just getting into self-pleasure then consider bullet vibrators the perfect place to start.

The charm of a bullet is in its versatility, discreet and compact-size, ease-of-use, simplicity to clean, affordability and pinpoint stimulation. Why is pinpoint stimulation a big deal? You can target your pleasure points with minute accuracy and be delighted with the greatest orgasms.

Every sex toy collection should have a trusty bullet vibrating friend in it. Whether that bullet vibrator started your sex toy treasury or complimented it later on. A bullet vibe holds a special place for the delicious orgasms it bestows on you and the neat, little, discreet package it comes in.

Experiencing the Pleasure

Dynamite comes in small packages. Bullets are known to compete with wands and rabbits in the realm of toe-curling orgasms. Why? because bullets are queen at pinpoint stimulation. My favourite bullet, the all-powerful We-Vibe Tango, is reputed to outperform vibrators twice it’s size (I wouldn’t challenge that claim).

Experimentation and mixing things up will give you a fresh perspective on your pleasures and new sensations. Bullet vibrators are most often used on the clitoris or clitoral hood. Be bold and tracing the tip of the bullet all over the vulva to discover new pleasure spots.

Or, use the bullet horizontally for broad stimulation especially on the outer labia and the inner thighs. This will heighten your sexual arousal before you jump to the orgasm jackpot.

Always keep your exploration external as bullets are rather petite and can get lost internally. (Unless you are using a bullet like the Rocks Off Rouge 160mm that is 16cm long and can be used internally too.) To further heighten sexual arousal trace the nipples, inner thighs, the neck, feet, the perineum (between your vagina and anus).

How to Use Bullet Vibrators For Versatility 

Bullet vibrators are one of the most versatile sex toys, not just in how and where you can place them on your body. But also in their combination with other sex toys. For example, We-Vibe pair my favourite bullet, the We-Vibe Tango with a couples vibrator, Sync, in their We-Vibe Anniversary Collection.

Often times a bullet vibrator comes in a penis ring and can be removed for use on its own like Fifty Shades Freed Rechargeable Rabbit Love Ring. Butt plugs like The Rocks Off Petite Sensations Plug, Pearls or Bubbles also come with removable bullets for pleasure in and out of the toy. This is a whole lot of quivering pleasure just waiting for you.

There are also bullet vibrators with bunny ears like the Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibrator for a different sensation and some are housed in soft squishy bodies like We-Vibe Touch so be open to looking at a few options including the glamourous lipstick shape.

My Last Word On How To Use Bullet Vibrators

Let the merits of bullet vibrators excite you and stimulate you – never let a bullet vibe overwhelm or daunt you as you basically can’t go wrong with these little gems. Wonder Womxn only stocks bullet vibrators that are great performers and come dressed in body-safe materials.

I am available if you need to discuss the finer details of any of the sex toys I stock.




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