14 Best Gifts for Her | You Know You Want Too!

Are you stressing out trying to find the best gifts for her. gift ideas for women are gifts for her birthday or gifts for her anniversary. Perhaps you are looking for your best gift to yourself ever?

I’ll help you get the right gift for her for all the pleasureable reasons. I have curated the best and most popular pleasure items and best of all you can find all these sexual toys online. Wonder Womxn Gifts for Her Guide is about to make this your best gift-giving occasion ever.

Choose her a gift to suit her personality, so you know you’ll get it right. Pay all at once or choose Pay Just Now to split your payment into three (3) equal installments. I’ll courier it to you gift-wrapped (for free) – that’s just the Wonder Womxn style!

….The Perfect Gift for Her if She is:


Completely Conservative this is the best gift for her

A womxn who is shy to start may later live into the quote “still waters run deep”. Treat her tenderly as you don’t want to overwhelm her. After all, you want to spark a flame. The best gift for her is Rocks Off Oriel Rechargeable Massage Wand. A massage wand gives amazing pleasure and the flexible neck and egg-shaped head of the Oriel targets exactly where you want it. The thing is it isn’t only a sex toy – it is a massage wand too, she is after all very stressed and needs a release.

Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Vibrating Strap On Harness Set

Gifts for Her Birthday – Bold and Brazen

She is sexually liberated and she knows what she wants and how she wants it. Led by the truth, she is fiery and outspoken. Her self-confidence is high and self-pleasure excites her. Whether exploring pegging (a top sex trend where he is penetrated by her). Or you are trying out same-sex penetration, it is going to be a super-fun experience with Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Vibrating Strap-on Harness Set. She is ready to take things to the next level with this gorgeous set.

Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Clitoral Vibrator

Vegan (V) gifts for her

Being vegan is more than a dietary choice for her – it’s a lifestyle! Conscious and deliberate choices are important to her and you’ll win her over with a thoughtful vegan vibrator. Just so you are in the know – the glue in silicone can sometimes have animal products in it. Therefore a vegan vibrator has no animal products in the materials and hasn’t been tested on animals. A lover of animals in the wild – she is going to go wild with this bunny. Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibrator. Look for other vegan choices with the (V).

womanizer duo stimulator 2

The Best Gift For Her – Ms. Independence

Control and independence are cornerstones of her identity. She can do pretty much everything on her own. Anything she can’t do singlehandedly, probably isn’t worth mentioning. She can change a tyre, dig a hole and bake the lightest chiffon cake. For her, the Womanizer Duo Dual Stimulator (V) will be heaven-on-earth. Delivering sublimely blended orgasms from combined G-spot massage and clitoral stimulation. Womanizer Duo has a record of 6 buttons to control both the internal and external arm independently and 10 vibration patterns. SmartSilence technology ensures that Duo only comes on when it comes into contact with the skin. Hence this being the most innovative vibrator on the market.

Womanizer Liberty clitoral vibrator

A Wanderlust Traveller’s Best Gifts for Her Birthday

Travelling and discovering new places is what fills up her cup. We all know that 2020 wasn’t exactly a great year for travelling. Although seclusion in a tropical island would most likely have been the best place to weather out the pandemic. She has been planning her next trip and can’t wait to get her backs packed. Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator is the go-to gift for this traveller.

Liberty is the perfect gift idea for women. A good travel companion Liberty loves nothing more than to be stashed in a handbag. Subsequently designed with a lid that magnetically clips on the top. Besides keeping the Liberty clean between uses, it also acts as a travel lock feature and creates an undetectable sex toy shape in scanning cameras. She’s still got the thrill of an open bag search if she gets caught.

Amorino Rabbit Mini Vibrator 2

She Loves to Change her Mind And This Will Be Her Best Gift Ideas for Women

While it might be a womxn’s prerogative to change her mind. This lass takes it to a whole new level – she changes her look, her style, her handbag. Hell, she probably even changes her Instagram handle regularly. She needs gifts for her birthday that are as versatile as her and can meet her every whim. Let me introduce Fun Factory Amorino Mini Rabbit Vibrator. Amorino is so versatile it can be used as a traditional rabbit vibrator, or for only external pleasure from the bands that hug around your labia. Try using this rabbit vibrator for booty pleasure too.

Je Joue Couples Collection Gift Set

Best Gifts for Her if She Dotes on You

She is more than just smitten with you – you are her everything and she means the world to you too. You finish each other’s sentences. If you don’t wear matching outfits – you really want to wear them. Maybe just maybe you have recently bought matching PJs. You really want a gift that shouts from the mountain-tops how much you mean to each other. A gift that says “you-complete-me” Jerry Maguire style.

I couldn’t recommend Je Joue Couples Collection Gift Set (V) enough. The G-spot vibrator is great for external and internal stimulation for her. For him, he can feel the vibrations on his shaft, perineum, inner thighs and nipples to name a few spots. The Mia Vibrating Cock Ring is a best seller and delivers the rumbliest vibrations to her and him, for hands-free fun.

Swan Pillow Talk Sultry Dual-Ended Warming Massage Wand

A Real Girly-Girl Would Love This Gifts For Her

Wherever she walks it sparkles. Bling, shimmer, glitter, diamonds – if it sparkles she must have it! Her nails have a shimmer or shine, her phone is bedazzled,  her handbag has a dazzle too – even if it is on the inner pocket.

She’s a girly-girl and she is going to appreciate the detail of the Swarovski crystal control button on this Swan Pillow Talk Sultry Dual-ended Warming Massager. Two strong PowerBullet motors drive the vibrations through the head and the warm rotations in the shaft.


We-Vibe Moxie Wearable Clit Vibrator

Gifts For Her – A Daring-Thrill Seeker

The adventure-is-strong-in-this-one. She loves anything daring and she defines thrill-seeker. This past year has left her deprived and wanting-of-some-serious-risk-taking. Unleash her pent-up frustration with We-Vibe Moxie Wearable Clitoral Vibrator. The strong magnetic clip holds it on her panties in the perfect position to tease and please.

It is near-silent and can be controlled through the remote or through the free to download We-Connect app. This app takes a long-distance relationship to the next level as you can connect all your compatible We-Vibe products onto the app. Then control and play from anywhere in the world.

Just imagine your next date night of thrills as you experience the “danger” of being caught out in public. Go on and make her year – you know she’ll love it!

Lelo Gigi 2 G-spot Vibrator

The Best Gift for Her Anniversary for the Earth-Friendly EcoWarrior is:

Mother nature is her nurturer and she is one with the power of the universe. She is in tune with the moon and the ebb-and-flow of life. The only force in her is lifeforce. Gentle and calm, she treads lightly and the only thing she leaves behind is footprints. USB rechargeable pleasure products have placed sex toys on the map for her.

Absolutely every product Wonder Womxn sells is made from body-safe materials and are built to last. Lelo Gigi 2 G-spot Vibrator is a powerful G-spot vibrator, whisper-quiet to not disturb mother nature and versatile for clitoral massage too.

Womanizer Premium 2 Clitoral Stimulator

Gift Ideas For Women When She Knows Her Worth

For the womxn who knows her worth and exactly how much pleasure she deserves. Gifts for her birthday should include the Womanizer Premium 2 Clitoral Stimulator ready to please her with 14 intensities of Pleasure Air Technology that send pleasurable sensations of gentle pushes and pulls of air through the whole clitoral structure for absolutely mind-blowing orgasms.

There’s an autopilot for a fresh and unpredictable experience every time. SmartSilence Technology ensures it only operates when it is in contact with your skin. Need a rest, just remove it and it’ll patiently wait to pleasure again. Ooh, la la!

Lelo Smart Wand 2 Large Body Massager

Gifts For Her – the Chronic Illness Fighter

The best sex toy for a chronic illness fighter needs to have all the power you can harness. Lelo Large Smart Wand 2 Body Massager is not only a heavy-duty worker in a compact, silky-smooth silicone body it is also built to last and outperform other massage wands. Having a strong and powerful wand to massage tired muscles and relieve tension and discomfort is invaluable in day-to-day quality of life.

And why shouldn’t she experience toe-curling orgasms on her every whim? Most importantly, the Lelo Smart Wand 2 is intuitive and the vibrations intensify as you press it against the body. Feel welcome to check the suitability with your medical practitioner first.

We-Melt Couples Toy


She is an ingenious innovator, she is always prowling for the latest trends. Tech-savvy womxn not only have the latest tech in their lives. They also know how to use it and make it work for them. We-Vibe Melt Clitoral Stimulator lets the air get you there.

Designed to fit perfectly between two bodies, it is just as suitable for self-pleasure. 12 intensities of pulsating waves and air suction for out-of-this-world touchless clitoral stimulation. Then, connect yourself to your lover anywhere in the world with the free to download We-Connect app. Control the device manually or through the app on your smartphone.

Lelo Lyla 2 Remote-Control Egg VibratorFitness-Lover’s Gifts For Her

As a fitness-lover, she is always on the move. Usually seen in the urban environment in her exercise gear that is perfectly coordinated. Either just popping to the gym, coming home from the gym, or at the gym. She loves movement and is always trying out new types of exercise. Combining exercise and pleasure is her thing and Lelo Lyla 2 Remote Control Egg Vibrator is her ultimate gift.

A wearable vibrator that is versatile enough to be worn internally or used externally. It is near-silent. Besides that, it is controlled by a remote that is powered by Wii for movement sensations. In general, egg vibrators are great in that they can be used for a Kegel workout as well as for pleasure. We all know a fitness-lover will love to add a vagina workout to her exercise regime.

Why buy from Wonder Womxn?

By buying your gift from Wonder Womxn you are supporting a small business. There is free delivery on orders over R750. Orders ship in 1 to 2 days and are pretty much overnight to main centres and up to 3 days to regional areas. All orders include free gift wrapping – just add your own greeting card and you are good to go.

When you give the best gift, expect to get thanks, again and again, that day and throughout the year. Let’s get gifting….



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