G-spot Vibrators

Did you know that you can only find your G-spot when you are aroused? It is an erogenous zone on the front vaginal wall between the vaginal opening and the urethra.

Let's Celebrate your G-Spot together!

Studies have shown that the average womxn needs 20 minutes of focused stimulation to reach orgasm. I am by no means saying that we are average in any way but perhaps we too need the time to allow our bodies to relax and move into the careless abandonment of pleasure.

It takes time to move from our stressed and over-busy lives into a state where we are ready to be aroused and ride the pleasure journey hopefully to destination orgasm or ideally destination multiple orgasms.

Self-pleasure is empowering and what could be more empowering than clearing your agenda with the intention of committing to give yourself caressing, tender touch and meaningful stimulation just the way you like it.

Invite a G-spot vibrator into this sacred and intimate time. G-spot vibrators are a beautiful gateway to pleasure as they can be used externally on the whole vulva area, circling the outer and then inner labia and stimulating the clitoris before you are ready to slide the vibrator inside to massage the g-spot.

Replace all pressure with pleasure and take it slow especially if you are new to self-pleasure. Go at your own pace as you can never be to aroused before you meet your G-spot. Ask your body if it is ready to receive your vibrator before sliding it inside you.

Lube always enhances sensations and reduces friction for the most intense sexual responses.

Let me know your thoughts on your g-spot vibrator – they are a firm favourite for me as they are always easy to hold, adaptable for both external and internal use and are generous with good vibes.