Say hello to your best period ever! The transition to sustainable period products is a breeze with Wonder Womxn. Convenient, eco-friendly menstrual solutions that are affordable too.


Are you tired of polluting your body and the world with disposable sanitary products? Are you ready to experience comfort, health and great performance from our natural sanitary products.

Every time a womxn comes over to the sustainable side, I celebrate and salute and cheer and dance. The planet thanks you graciously too!

Have you tried a menstrual cup before but got tired of leaking and an uncomfortable feeling then rest assured that the anatomical Fun Cup I stock fits a womxn’s body like it was meant to be there.

The anatomical shape means there is no uncomfortable pressure on your bladder too. Use our size guide to discover your ideal menstrual cup size. If you aren’t sure if you can’t be bothered to measure, lol, I feel you, then our Explore kit will be your best choice as it comes with one cup of each size in it.

If you aren’t ready for a menstrual cup or you’d like some back up. Heck maybe you just prefer disposable products then I am very excited to share the HereWeFlo brand with you. A range of sustainable period products that are made from natural, plant-based, biodegradable and hypoallergenic materials like organic cotton and bamboo.

HereWeFlo are so committed to be sustainable that they have plant-based wrappers and recyclable applicators and cute, cheeky tubs and boxes. They stand for comfort (silkiness, breathability!), performance (no leaks, please!), cheekiness (more sass, please!) and enthusiasm (we are a little bit extra!).

I haven’t looked back and I know you won’t either.