Choose Your Best Sex Toys | Sex & the City Style

Choose Your Best Sex Toy | Sex and the City Style

Sex and the City (SATC) was the series that liberated many of us to be open to different ways of pleasuring our bodies. A sexual awakening for many to things like threesomes, anal sex and to our best sex toys.

SATC is iconic and literally stands for womxn being empowered and asking for sex their way and on their terms. Finding your best sex toy is bliss and a real positive towards living with sexual wellbeing. And while you might resonant with Sultry Samantha, you might also be more like Conservative Carrie. It is all good as I have the best sex toy choices for you.


Best Sex Toys for Carrie Bradshaw | Wonder Womxn


Your Best Sex Toys If You Are you like Conservative Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie was so conservative as a character never being “caught” in the act or photographed with a sex toy. It is alleged that Sarah Jessica Parker signed a contract that stated she would never be filmed naked or in the same frame as a sex toy.

Aside from being conservative, Carrie’s are always up to trying new things, they are both insightful and charismatic. Emotions are high and she wears her heart on her sleeve. Carrie’s are expressive of their own emotions, they are also a shoulder for her friends to cry on.

Finding true love with the one is really important to Carrie’s and without a special person in her life, she is lost and incomplete.

If you are a Carrie then your best sex toys will be:

Lelo Lyla 2 Remote-Control Egg Vibrator in the hand


Lelo Lyla 2 Remote-Control Egg Vibrator

The great thing about egg vibrators, in general, is that they are near-silent so if being discreet is your thing, then this is a great choice. The Lelo Lyla 2 has a wireless remote-control for highly accurate control with a three times stronger signal strength than other brands.

Powered by Wii play to deliver SenseMotion technology. There are 8 different sensations and it is 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable.

The versatility of Lelo Lyla 2 is immense as it can be used internally or externally. When worn internally you can hand the remote to a lover for a night of thrills whether at a restaurant, a public pool or for a night of dancing. You can also use an egg vibrator as a Kegel ball for pelvic floor exercises. Externally, use Lyla 2 like a bullet vibrator on the clitoris, nipples or penis.

There really are no rules on this one – just don’t get caught!

Womanizer Premium 2 Clitoral Stimulator


Womanizer Premium 2 Clitoral Stimulator

So we have established that Carrie’s are conservative and discreet. Womanizer Premium 2 will probably be your best sex toy ever. Why? It is whisper-quiet and has SmartSilence technology. This ingenious innovation removes any distraction from using the Premium as it stays in standby mode until it is placed on your skin. Only when Womanizer Premium 2 comes into contact with your skin does it switch on and deliver pleasure.

Sensual, slender and ergonomically shaped. It is as suitable for self-pleasure as it is for couples – fitting snugly between two bodies.

Patented Pleasure Air™ technology offers touchless stimulation to the clitoris through gentle air pressure. The result? An orgasm like never before. The gentle vibrations guide you to incredible climaxes and being touchless you will never tire of it. Imagine a pleasure product that never overstimulates and is always ready for action.

If you thought it couldn’t get better, Womanizer Premium is equipped with an autopilot mode. When activated, your Womanizer Premium will alternate within 14 intensity levels and edge you closer and further away from orgasm.

Sometimes intense, other times gentle – always orgasmic. 100% Waterproof you can take this beauty into the bath and shower.


Best Sex Toys for Charlotte York | Wonder Womxn


Do you feel more like Charming Charlotte York? Your Best Sex Toys are:

Are you the glue in your friendship group? Are you incredibly organised? Slightly prudish? Maybe you feel like sex toys aren’t really your thing? (Maybe just maybe, just like Charlotte you need to experience one to be smitten with pleasure). Do you have deep-seated traditional values and yet you are open-minded? Are you honest and true to yourself, a positive light who is polite and well-groomed on every occasion?

If you answered “yes” to most of the above questions? Then you are very likely a Charlotte and you’ll love your best sex toys of:

Lelo soraya 2 dual stimulator rabbit vibrator 1

Lelo Soraya 2 Rabbit Vibrator

Can rabbit vibrators be that good? And yes, oh yes, they can be! Would Soraya 2 have Charlotte locking herself in her room for days? Most likely yes!

The world’s most luxurious rabbit vibrator’ the streamlined Lelo Soraya 2 will double your delight through its orgasmic synergy of clitoral and G-spot stimulation. The internal arm effortlessly locates the G-spot and delivers sublime main shaft vibrations with serious oomph. Add to that the divine clitoral stimulation from the full length of the external arm, and you’ll be in sensational heaven.

LELO Soraya 2 is a design beauty engineered using ultrasound on real women to gain an accurate image of their intimate anatomy to target the G-spot most effectively. Features include being 100% waterproof, made from body-safe silicone, whisper-quiet vibrations, travel-lock and two powerful motors.

We-Vibe Bloom Vibrating Kegel Balls

We-Vibe Bloom Vibrating Kegel Balls

Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles has never been this pleasurable and Charlotte’s do like to do the right thing, hey? We-Vibe Bloom has 10 rumbly vibration modes to choose from when used as a pleasurable egg vibrator. Rechargeable, waterproof and made from body-safe silicone. It is versatile as a kegel exerciser and is super comfortable to wear.

Doubling up as an internal vibrator you can be daring and wear this whisper-quiet beauty out on date night. Be outrageous and let your lover control your pleasure. (Date night in your own lounge is also very daring – Charlotte!)

Enjoy the free We-Connect app to customise your workout – choose from preset vibes or create your own.


Best Sex Toys for Miranda Hobbs | Wonder Womxn


Does Mastermind Miranda Hobbs sound just like you?

Miranda is often referred to as a mastermind because she is top of the world, strong and independent. She is never still or quiet but gets through life by always being busy. If this sounds like you then you could be a Miranda.

Miranda’s are led by logic and not feelings so can be mistaken for being emotionless and cold. However, Miranda’s are incredibly loving and compassionate. Once they open-up they are fantastic lovers.

If it feels like I have just described you then your best sex toy will be:

We-Vibe Chorus Most Intuitive Couples Toy

We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator

This is a phenomenal power couple just waiting to bring you immense joy. We-Vibe Chorus is a fully customisable couples vibrator with two joints to adjust to a perfect fit. The thicker arm sits over the clitoris to give broad stimulation of deep, powerful vibrations. The thin arm sits inside the vagina to pleasure the G-spot and give a full feeling during penetration. For total Miranda-style management, the Chorus can be controlled through the buttons on the toy, through the spongy and intuitive remote control or the free to download We-Connect app.

We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator comes in a convenient travel-friendly, easy-charging storage box.

womanizer duo stimulator 2

Womanizer Duo Dual Stimulator

Ignite the same sensations as oral sex and enjoy multiple orgasms through the patented Womanizer ‘Pleasure Air technology’. Internally, G-spot stimulation is thanks to a slim, flexible, curved internal vibrator. Ergonomically designed to fit your body perfectly. 100% waterproof, USB rechargeable, made from body-safe silicone. Enjoy two hours of playtime from a single charge.

Womanizer is the pioneer of suction-type stimulation. Delivered with touchless contact – a huge plus for all those who aren’t up for lots of direct clitoral action. Duo comes with two stimulation heads so you can choose a more or less intense experience.

Womanizer Duo Dual Stimulator is the answer to your desire for the best-blended orgasms ever. Individually control the 12 intensities of each – Pleasure Air™ clitoral stimulator and G-spot vibrations. There are 10 vibration patterns to ensure you experience what you want, when you want it – start slow and edge to wild. Miranda just wishes that Duo was out during SATC.


Best Sex Toys for Samantha Jones | Wonder Womxn


Your Best Sex Toys If You Resonate With Sultry Samantha Jones?

Samantha in Sex and the City likes to work hard and play hard. If you are a Samantha you are sexually liberated and fiery in all spheres of life. Fulfilling her needs are very high on her priority list and she is straightforward with her friends. Samantha’s know what they want from a partner and if they can’t get it then they’d rather be single.

Highly driven, almost obsessed with getting the most out of life – some see this as being inappropriate but we see it as adventurous. Samantha’s are outspoken and confident.

If this is you then you’ll love:

LELO Large Smart Wand 2 Body Massager

Lelo Large Smart Wand 2 Body Massager

Do you love the idea of using an all-over-body massage wand in the tub? I couldn’t think of anything better than a luxurious and powerful full-body massage in the bath or shower. It can be your reality with the Lelo Smart Wand 2 Large. A waterproof and rechargeable full body massager for those Samantha’s who are seeking unlimited pleasure and infinite relaxation.

Relax and unwind like never before with the sleek ergonomic design with a steadier curved handle for easier control. Choose from 10 vibration settings, each with their own adjustable intensities to create a completely tailored experience. Enjoy 4 hours of playtime off a single charge. And probably the best feature is the intuitive intensity response. As pressure is applied through the vibrating wand onto the body, the intensity increases intuitively.

ShareVibe by FunFactory Double Dildo that Vibrates

Fun Factory Sharevibe Vibrating Double Dildo

Samantha’s are always ready to try a whole new vibrating sexual experience? Why try a double dildo? Well, why not! It offers vibration and penetration for two. The wearer gets clit and G-spot stimulation and the receiver feels a smooth, curved shaft. Double dildos like Fun Factory ShareVibe Double Dildo fill a need of connecting bodies without a harness so you can access each other’s erogenous zones. It also allows for quick position changes.

For self-pleasure and as a couple’s toy, it is great to use the curved shaft as a handle for thrusting and grinding. This is also a great pegging toy.

It comes with a removable, 5 vibration setting, rechargeable and submersible bullet vibrator that can be used on its own.

Shop the range on Wonder Womxn 

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