Massagers and Wands

Have you noticed how partners love to spoil you with an appliance for a special occasion? Well, complain no longer and ask for a body massager. It’s a gem! Those 70s housewives were on to something

Are you wondering "Is it good to use body massager?"

Let me start at the beginning for this one. In the 1970s a full-body massager was considered to be an appliance. And what a Queen of appliances this beauty is and a delightful treat too.

Back in the day there really was only the Hitachi Magic Wand that connected to mains power and only had 2 levels. The levels were high and super high so there was no gentle warm-up happening there.

Body massagers and massage wand sex toys have since come a long way. And while some are still daunting in size, rest assured that they are designed to deliver magic, and oh yes they do deliver on intimate pleasure.

How Does a Massage Wand Work?

A massage wand sends deep rumbly vibrations exactly where you want them and these vibrations both massage and relax the tension from your muscles. When you are going for more stimulation then it is great to start on a really low setting and slowly increase it until you just melt into ecstasy.

How do you use a body massager?

Wands have a reputation for being easy to use as many like the Doxy have a lovely long handle and this makes “finding-the-right-spot” pretty straightforward. It is also comfortable for those with reduced mobility to hold and handle. The idea is to use the massage wand all-around your clitoris and labia for toe-curling orgasms or you can angle a portion of the head inside you for internal-type pleasure.

Don’t forget that a body massager can be used as a full-body massage to melt the tension from tight shoulders and tired feet. Foreplay if you like ;)

Be sure to clean the head as you move through different body parts – a toy cleaner is amazing for this!

Which body massager is best?

If you haven’t already got a body massager. You need to get one like straight away. Any starting point is a great starting point on this one but I’ve given you some suggestions below.

It really is up to you. If you are looking for a powerful mains connection  and for a long handle then the Doxy Original is great. The Doxy Die Cast is great for versatility as you can securely connect different attachment heads on. A well-priced option with all the premium features has to be my favourite Rocks Off Oriel Rechargeable Massage Wand.