Anal Toys

Nestled just inside the anus, just far enough to touch and stimulate is the centre for sexual gratification and concentrated pleasure. Explore your back door fantasies for powerful and satisfying pleasure.


Arouse your primal instincts for life-defining orgasms that will leave you gasping for more.

Anal play is a rising trend and it has been for a good while. Anal play is more likely to lead to orgasms and those orgasms are super intense as the anus has loads of sensitive nerve endings.

The arousal of a ‘taboo’ could just escalate the whole adventure for you. Begin with a butt plug to give a ‘fuller’ feeling, then progress to beads, pearls and beyond.

Generously lubricate your anus and plug as this isn’t a self-lubricating area. Play safe and use a condom to protect yourself. Talk openly and clearly with your lover about what feels good and when you are ready to stop.