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Hi, it's Lisa from Wonder Womxn.

The Online Sexual Health Store for Womxn and Their Lovers.

Ready to discover more about Wonder Womxn? I founded Wonder Womxn during the hard lockdown months of Coronavirus.  Everyone was isolated from each other and anxious about the future.

As a people our general health suffered during this time and as a result our sexual health. We weren’t allowed to exercise, socialise, go to the beach or the park. It had a massive impact!

Label it a calling or divine intervention but it was really on my heart to share sex toys and the fun and ‘restorative’ nature of them.

Hubby and I were home together throughout that time, obvs with our littles but we went for ‘chats’ and our ‘chats’ included experiences with sex toys. It often gave us something to talk about with what ‘kind of mood’ we were in or afterward we discussed what we really enjoyed about ‘our chat’.

During this time more than ever we noticed the positive difference it made in our relationship and even more so when we chatted to our friends. We were more connected, more of a team and definitely more relaxed (despite our circumstances).

Sex toys have a wonderful ability to get you in the mood even when you have a ‘headache’ and sometimes that is exactly what you need. To be the horse that gets taken to the water and just maybe you’ll have a drink – a real thirst-quenching drink.

There is such immense stigma and shame for womxn around masturbation and sex toys and it does us no good. Absolutely nothing good comes of stigma and shame.

Whenever I come across stats about the number of womxn who have yet to experience an orgasm – it drives me to be the voice that keeps calling out to find her, to find them and to bring them back home to themselves.

There is pleasure to be had and it is infinite – the more you have, the more you will have. So indulge yourself – there is no shame in looking after your health. Even your granny will agree on that – it’s a priority!

As womxn we need to rise up and be empowered to live out our truth and to be who we are meant to be. As womxn we don’t need men or masculinity to define us – we are who we are and it is our birthright to live with sexual freedom and without shame.

Pleasure and self-pleasure are ours to enjoy. Masturbation is a normal part of sexual health and we deserve mind-blowing orgasms and the confidence that comes with sexual health.

I am driven to share knowledge and to power-up real womxn, like you, to travel along your self-pleasure and sex toy journey.

This is your sexual awakening and I am blessed to be here with you. Take it in your stride and let me know how I can best support you.



P.S A fantastic start is to download the free ‘10 Sexual Health Tips to Build Your Confidence’ here.

P.P.S Check out the Wonder Womxn gift guides and Favourites for inspiration. Also, a good starting point is a bullet vibrator. Read the full blog here.

P.P.P.S I love a video product review so watch those on the Wonder Womxn YouTube channel to get to know me, for a laugh and some real product insight.

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Lisa is the face of Wonder Womxn, writes the copy, sources new products, reviews products, uses menstrual cups, Mum, cleans her own house, loves Sauvignon Blanc, a total teapot.

Are you feeling overwhelmed buying a sex toy?

I know just how daunting it can be to choose pleasure products for yourself or a lover and be presented with websites of endless scrolling reams of products. I have been in that place, it was intimidating, to say the least.

Wonder Womxn commits to wholeheartedly guide you in making your best decision yet on luxurious, body-safe sexual health products that deliver exceptional orgasms and eco-periods. I do this through my honest advice, blogs, video product reviews and tutorials.

I am committed to empowering and liberating womxn and their lovers to experience sexual fulfillment in a fun and lighthearted way.

Engage with me, let’s connect and build community as we live into the fullness of pleasure and confidence.