9 Festive Tips for a Sexy Christmas

9 Festive Tips for a Sexy Christmas

Jingle your bells with some sexy Christmas Ho Ho spirit. Christmas is a time of great excitement for everyone who is young enough (at heart) to embrace the festive cheer.

This year we are going to need to work a bit harder to get the merry joy and festive glee into our celebrations. There is nothing quite like a bit of naughty, divine pleasure and multiple orgasms to get you in the moment.

Let’s sleigh right into the festive season

1. Maximise The Mistletoe

Hang mistletoe all around the house and start by kissing each other under every piece of mistletoe. Or escalate the festivities by masturbating under a teasing twig of mistletoe.

2. You Are On The Naughty List

Getting onto Santa’s naughty list has never been such pleasure. Explore light BDSM here with blindfolds, tease feather ticklers, restraints or handcuffs and maybe even a cheeky whip or paddle. After all, one of you has been naughty and has to be “punished.”

3. Choose a New Christmas Toy

Choose your lover a new sex toy and use it together. Or buy one each and splurge out with a marathon session of mutual masturbation. Go on you know you want to try it! Get the best sex toy prices and free gift wrapping when you shop the Wonder Womxn FLASH Sale here.

4. Whisper your wishlist into Santa’s ear

Sitting on Santa’s lap sharing your wishlist isn’t just for children. Choose your santa with care and whisper your wishlist into his ear.

If Santa needs a more tangible list. Create your wishlist on WonderWomxn.co.za and share it to Santa for quick and easy shopping.

5. While You Are on Santa’s Lap

While you are there try some sitting-down sex. Sex on a chair is a new adventure begging to be explored, whether you are looking for relaxed, laid-back sex or sex that resembles wild acrobatics. It’ll be a change from the norm and memorable festive fun.

How to do it? While one of you sits the other could ride on their penis or a strap-on. This is definitely an option for pegging too (she’d sit down and would enter him with a double dildo or strap on).

Oral sex is possible too with one of you seated and the other kneeling between their legs. Equally delish to go down on your lover as foreplay or the main event.

6. Sensual Sexy Christmas Massage

Buy an intimate and sensual massage candle and try out an erotic massage on your lover. Caress, stroke, fondle, embrace, tenderly touch and nuzzle each other in a display of affection and intimacy.

7. Lick The Candy Cane

Cool the seasonal heat right down by adding a piece of refreshing peppermint to your oral sex routine. Peppermint’s fresh and cool sensations will be as much of a treat to the tastebuds as it will be stimulating to the receiver.

8. Adorn Thyself or Your Lover

Dress up in some sexy lingerie or add some sexy decor to you or your lover’s body. Think nipple pasties, nipple clamps, handcuffs, lace or chocolate body paint. This is one feast for the senses that is bound to get exciting.

9. Santa Claus Is Coming (To Town)

Set a goal of multiple orgasms. Even if you don’t reach your goal, you’ll have fun trying and you can always try to reach your goal again next time.

Edging is another pleasurable way to enjoy sex. It involves taking yourself closer and closer to an orgasm and then bringing yourself back down to pleasure in a dance of seduction. Until finally you climax in a crescendo of bliss.


After all, ’tis the season to be jolly! XOXO

P.S Share in the comments your favourite way to get sexy in the festive season and I’ll send you a thank you voucher

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